Mini Donkey Training - Name Target and Tactile Exam Practice

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During a Ranch Experience course, Susan B. worked with Sparkle on touching her name target (the yellow star) without biting it and to stand still for a tactile exam. Together, this progress was made by day 3!

Note: there are extra clicks in the background, those are from other trainers working with other donkeys.


The Ranch Experience is offered four times per year.

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  1. Hi im Tina, Im working with my mini mare who will be 3 this year. We are working on touch target. I say touch and tap my hand. At first i kept it out in front of her , then after she got the idea i moved my hand to different location and told her touch and she would find my hand. Now im putting my hand up high or down low. Miracle, is being trained for therapy. She needs to learn to learn to touch what scares her. Or give kisses, or shake hands exc. She also has to be able to be touched all over. I have had her since she was born so that was done the day she was born and she loved to be touched. Thank you for sharing. Im glad to see thiis and it also help cause everyone does things a little different.

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