For trainers working in environments where training excellence is the norm and the results of the training matter. Deadlines are real, performance is real-time, effort and pride is on the line – even livelihoods and lives.

A wide variety of professional settings face similar challenges: Improve success rates, improve training efficiency, reduce stress, improve animal welfare, train something novel and more.

If you have one of more of these challenges, are committed to solving them and learning how others have solved them, this course is for you. Get the skills you need to help you and your organization succeed.

Join Ken Ramirez for five days at the Ranch and Dive Deep!

Offered just two times per year, this 5-day course costs $1,800 and includes five dinners, five lunches, snacks, and transportation to and from The Ranch from the recommended hotels, as well as training supplies.

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May 7 – 11, 2018

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