Training Videos

Follow along with the training journey of our Ranch resident animals.

Eating is a Behavior

Recently 3.5-month-old Kinder goats, Rhodie and Dobie, joined the Ranch family. The first step Ken Ramirez took is...

October 7, 2020

Training for Novelty

What’s another key to successful medical training? Teach the animal to expect the unexpected. In this video, Ken...

September 30, 2020

Teaching Name Targets

There are so many benefits to teaching an animal a name target. It helps an animal know where to go at the start of...

June 6, 2020

Miyagi Verbal Recall

VERBAL RECALL WITH MIYAGI What do we do at the Ranch when class isn't in session? Train! In the video above, Ken...

August 24, 2018

Mini Donkey Grooming

MINI DONKEY GROOMING JOIN US AT THE RANCH Learn more or Register today! View the complete schedule...

September 16, 2017