A Ranch Workshop


Success Under All Conditions

June 22 - 23, 2024

Join Ken Ramirez (in person!) to learn how to achieve outstanding training success in environments where consistent 90-99% success rates are not just desirable, but may be the only option.

Ken has a long and consistent track record of raising training success to unparalleled levels. He has helped numerous professional organizations—search-and-rescue, bomb detection, environmental protection, guide dogs—achieve a level of program success with their dogs that they have not been able to achieve on their own. How? Why?

You can get those answers and find out how Ken achieves his success—in person over two days at the Karen Pryor National Training Center in Washington state (The Ranch). The secret lies in Ken’s particular approach to teaching generalization and stimulus control.

Registration closes on June 14; only 5 spots remain!

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For the first time, Ken has designed a two-day workshop to experience, watch, practice, and learn his techniques in the beautiful and practical setting of The Ranch.

Ken’s positive reinforcement methods are applicable for trainers on an agility course, in scent competition, in service dog and guide dog work, in law enforcement, in cooperative-care medical contexts—really, in any environment where the goal behaviors must be achieved within a variety of contexts, under a variety of conditions, and with unpredictable distractions.

Fluent and reliable performance under distracting, changing environments is gorgeous to experience on its own but it also is becoming more necessary. Looking ahead, few of us can confidently live with our animals without distractions and may need them to perform their behaviors under distracting, but expected conditions (traffic, wildlife, etc.) as well as unexpected environmental conditions (floods, heat, fire, smoke) in order to keep them safe.

The workshop has applicability for both people working in professional environments as well as people who want their dogs to achieve a consistent high level of performance in the city, in the country, or in their sport—or simply want the kind of safety recall that provides confidence to go into the distracting environments of the real world.

Join Ken and learn how to achieve Success Under All Conditions

Registration closes on June 14; only 5 spots remain!

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Interested in bringing a group? Please contact us at theranch@clickertraining.com.



Sample daily schedule:

Each day of the seminar consists of several lectures each of which is connected to a training session. Working teams will train with their dogs, while observers participate through role-play, observation, and data-taking. There is also a segment in the day where all students work with the Ranch Animals.

A sample day would look like this:

9:00 am:   Welcome and Topic #1 - The Importance of Desensitization
10:00 am: Training Session # 1- Basic Desensitization
11:00 am:  Topic #2 - Ensuring Fluent Responses to Cues
12:00 pm:  Training Session #2 - Cue Fluency
1:00 pm:    Lunch
2:00 pm:    Distraction Training: An experience with the Ranch Animals
3:30 pm:    Topic #3 - Distractions You Can Control
4:00 pm:    Training Session #3 - Distraction Training
5:30 pm:    Discussion and Q&A
6:00 pm:    End of Day



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This workshop is designed for up to 30 students and 6 working dog-handler teams; it will be offered just once in 2024. Spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Team Requirements

Dog and Handler teams do not have to be experienced but should be familiar with the use of the clicker and reinforcement. You and your dog will get more from the workshop if you have already trained behaviors that can be performed while distractions are introduced, such as stationary behaviors like sit, down, target, and stay as well as moving behaviors such as recall, loose-leash walking, or heel. Dogs should be comfortable in group settings around strangers and other dogs. The dogs must be able to focus and work confidently for food in close quarters around other working teams and on and off leash. They also need to be comfortable alone and in a kennel when they are not working.


Students who take this workshop are eligible for:


    • CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA will earn 15 Knowledge CEUs
    • CPDT-KSA will earn 1.5 Skills CEUs
    • CBCC-KA will earn 15 Knowledge CEUs
    • Lecture Hours: 15
    • Workshop Hours: 1
    • CEUs: 16.5
  • 16.5 CEUs from Karen Pryor Academy


    • CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA will earn 13 Knowledge CEUs
    • CPDT-KSA will earn 4.5 Skills CEUs
    • CBCC-KA will earn 13 Knowledge CEUs
    • Lecture Hours: 13
    • Hands-On Hours: 3
    • CEUs: 17.5
  • 17.5 CEUs from Karen Pryor Academy

Students will receive information on the application process at the conclusion of the course.




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