Training for Professionals is our cornerstone animal training course and is designed for trainers at any level.  In the first two days, students will learn core concepts, followed by three days of advanced animal-training topics. These topics include working with groups, problem-solving, aggression, non-food reinforcers, schedules of reinforcement, and more.  The information within the course is applicable to all disciplines.  

Experienced trainers will learn a new approach to teaching training and a proven behavior problem-solving process.  In addition, they will get a look at how advanced concepts integrate into a practical training program.  

Novice trainers will learn the building blocks necessary to become a successful professional with any species.  

Offered just two times per year, this 5-day course costs $1,600 and includes lunch every day, dinner on three nights, snacks and transportation to and from The Ranch from the recommended hotels, as well as training supplies and the course text.

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August 13 – 17, 2018