Our cornerstone animal training course is designed for trainers at any level.  Over the course of five days, students will explore core concepts and advanced animal-training topics. Some of these topics include working with groups, problem-solving, aggression, non-food reinforcers, schedules of reinforcement, and more.  

Experienced trainers will learn a new approach to teaching training and a proven behavior problem-solving process.  They'll also get a look at how advanced concepts integrate into a practical training program.  

Novice trainers will learn the building blocks necessary to become a successful professional with any species.  

However, regardless of your experience level or discipline, you'll go home with training knowledge you can put into practice right away. 

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Course Focus

This course covers our view of the complete set of skills used by animal training professionals in any training environment.  These environments include zoos and aquariums, veterinary offices, shelters, horse barns, and dog training facilities.

The course is not species-specific, so all of the hands-on training sessions will be with the animals that live on The Ranch.

Each day Ken covers the core training theory, principles, and practices needed for working in almost any professional animal training environment.

Each day students will develop their skills - and a relationship - with one of the animals on the ranch.

What About COVID-19?

At The Ranch, we have ample outdoor space and always feature small class sizes that are conducive to learning. Please see our FAQs for the COVID-19 protocols we will be adhering to in order to deliver a safe AND enjoyable learning experience.


This comprehensive course is designed to help students establish and maintain a successful training program, no matter what species they work with.  

Topics include basic and advanced operant conditioning, husbandry, variety and enrichment, aggression and problem solving, as well as a look at putting it all together.

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Is Training for Professionals the Right Course for You?

Hear Ken Ramirez shares his thoughts on why, if he could only teach one course, this would be it.

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