Live Episode 6


The Eye of the Trainer Virtual Book Discussion with Live Training Demonstrations

EPISODE 6: May 7, 2020

In this episode, Ken Ramirez demonstrated and discussed stories from The Eye of the Trainer including aggressive animal introduction protocols, conservation training, end of session signals, fundamentals, applying positive reinforcement with people, and so much more. Through great participant questions we were able to dive even deeper into a variety of topics.
This Week's Training Challenge
Observe your animals and find natural behaviors they regularly exhibit.
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In The Eye of the Trainer, Ken Ramirez brings to life the power of positive reinforcement training to build trust and transform lives.

Ken is one of the most creative, cogent, and effective animal trainers in the world. His positive reinforcement training principles and practices are studied, replicated, and applied in settings as diverse as conservation efforts with elephants on the African plains, canine search and rescue in Texas, oil-disaster recovery for sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, butterfly training in England, and animal shelters in Chicago.

In this inspiring, heartwarming, and hopeful series of essays chronicling his 40+ years of global exploration and observation, Ken shares not only the intriguing personalities of the animals that shaped his life, but how their unique challenges influenced his training choices, philosophy, and worldview.

A must-read for anyone who lives with, studies, or works with animals, Ken’s training wisdom, principled guidance, and practical advice call us to see the world through his eyes. Ken’s world is one where great training transforms the shy animal into the confident one, the aggressive into the calm, and the mistrustful into the trustful—and even the unsupportive boss into an ally.

See the world better. See it differently. See it through The Eye of the Trainer.

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